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A Message from Dr. A'Lann Truelock



Let’s think about the importance of the educators in a positive school-community relationship.  They are usually the first point of contact for students and parents, and the backbone of the local educational system. Although school boards create school policy and superintendents interpret those policies, teachers and administrators are the “boots on the ground” personnel who must implement it. Educators must be prepared to make the best impression possible in even the most trying of circumstances in order to maintain public trust. The community's perceptions of local educators affect their perceptions of the school and subsequently support for the school in general.

What a blessing, then, that we have three standouts in Hondo ISD!  I want to express my heartiest congratulations to Rose Mary Mares, the Hondo Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year, Sally Bader, HISD Educator of the Year, and to Tim Tatsch, the recipient of the Chamber’s Outstanding Service Award.  Our trio of tributes illustrate that “For Hondo’s Honor and Glory” is more than a song, it’s a way of life.