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A Message from Dr. A'Lann Truelock


Silver and Gold

Welcome back to school, my favorite time of the year!   I’ve loved the start of school since I was a child myself. One of my fondest memories was of my grandmother reciting a poem for us at the start of every school year. It went, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other is gold.” Truer words were never spoken! Since we have some new faces this year, here is a bit about some of our newest “silver” friends.

Misty Ptasnik is our new principal at Meyer Elementary. She is excited about heading up the great teachers at Meyer, and will be ably assisted by Susanna Lamb, her new assistant principal.

At McDowell, we have Mr. Scott Backus as the new principal. He joined us at the start of this month, and is quickly getting up to speed on all things McDowell!

At the High School, Mr. Robert Knight, who made himself available to HHS at the close of last school year, is leading the charge, and he has brought in Nicole Garcia to assist him. Mr. Huey is coming back again, so the HS team is looking good to go!

That old poem expresses some powerful imagery—silver and gold; new colleagues working alongside old comrades. When I see the new faces working alongside the “golden” veterans we have, I realize how lucky our kids are to have the care and attention of such a wonderful group of professionals. Be they new friends or old, either silver or gold, our students are the ones enriched!



A’Lann Truelock