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A Message from Dr. A'Lann Truelock



For Hondo’s Honor and Glory

I hope everyone had a fun and restful summer this year! Here at HISD, we are beyond excited to welcome our students back and begin the new school year. We’ve been working hard all week to prepare both our campuses and ourselves for the start of school, and we say, "We’re ready. Let the fun begin!"

We must also thank the HISD school board. Last year under their able direction we made instructional gains with a restructured campus curriculum support system, passed a bond election, provided $3.4 million dollars in lighting, HVAC controls and new air conditioners throughout much of the district, added to our vocational education offerings by working with the STRTC to graduate our first class of Certified Nurse Aides, raised pay for HISD teachers and staff, instituted $3,500 stipends for hard to fill positions in secondary math and science…and I could go on and on. Under their supervision, HISD has come a long way!

The Board has not been resting on its laurels, though. This summer, they worked to develop a set of Hondo ISD Beliefs. These Beliefs illustrate what all Hondo citizens should know as basic facts about our school district and how we go about the business of educating our children. They are as follows, in bold:


  • Hondo children come first. This was the first, most basic belief we stated. It provides the foundation of all to follow.  
  • The success of each student is the responsibility of students, their families, the District, and the community. A successful school district needs constant input and feedback from all sources to remain able to help kids in meaningful ways.
  • Environment is a key component to the educational process. Where and how we interact with students must be factored in when we are expecting students to learn.
  • Each student will be prepared for successful real world experience. Hondo ISD has the responsibility to make our students able to compete in the complex and ever changing world of tomorrow.
  • Each staff member is valued and supported. Our staff is important to us. As we ask more of them on behalf of the students, we will provide them the materials, assistance, training, and recognition they need to do their best.
  • Hondo ISD has a rich tradition of excellence. Hondo ISD has been fortunate to be a leader in a variety of areas—sports, band, Ag, UIL to name just a few—and that success is to be honored, promoted, and encouraged to flourish at every chance.


These beliefs are the foundation of our district, and it’s important for all of us—staff, students, and parents alike—to know what they are and to understand what they mean. Toward that end, they will be visible on each campus and in every office throughout HISD. It’s our goal to provide a means for our community to recognize what education in Hondo ISD is all about as well as to provide every opportunity to take our message to the public. We want all to understand that "For Hondo’s Honor and Glory" means more to us than just a line in the school song. It is the very essence of why we do what we do every day for each and every student we serve.