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A Message from Dr. A'Lann Truelock



What Is Important To You?


I was in my office yesterday, typing away madly at the latest request for information TEA was asking me to supply to prove that we are actually doing what we said we would do when we said we would do it (and feeling rather put out about it, I must say) when the child of one of my co-workers came in to say “hi” and to visit a bit. Katelyn is seven, with a heart as big as the sky and eyes that see right through you. She chatted with me about school, what she was reading, what she was learning in math.  As she gave me a hug and bounced out of the office, I was struck at what a unique person she was becoming before my very eyes, and felt again the weight of the responsibility I have—that we all have—to see that she gets the very best education possible.


And while we’re speaking of responsibility, we must remember that Hondo ISD has been privileged to develop a reputation for excellence. From our National Championship FFA and BPA teams to our string of Elementary UIL wins, Hondo has always proven to be a tough competitor. We ask a lot from our kids, and they almost always deliver far beyond our expectations. We are blessed to have such hardworking, never-say-die students to represent our community. We also should realize that our students don’t achieve these levels of performance without the help of talented, committed teachers who give of their time and energies to see that the students in their care know what it takes to win—not just compete, but to win. They spend their own money and sacrifice precious time with their families to see that our kids get what they need for lessons in how to succeed not just in school, but also in life.


 I urge you to think about these things as we head into the proposed bond election.  I cannot advocate or denounce a position for the proposition in question, but I can ask you to think about what is important to you, to your kids and to your community.  Early voting begins on April 27th and goes through May 5th.  There will be late evening voting on Thursday, April 30th and Monday, May 4th.  Election day is Saturday, May 9th.  Your vote is your voice; use it to tell our community about what is important to you.