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H.I.S.D. offers health insurance to employees and their families through
TRS-BCBS ActiveCare.

           TRS ActiveCare            
           PO Box 660400                                                
           Dallas, TX 75266                                            
              Hondo ISD-Group Number 085000

EOB statements available online through Blue Access for Members (BAM)

When your TRS-ActiveCare medical benefit claims are processed by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, your explanation of benefits (EOB) statements will be delivered electronically through BAM unless you specifically request to continue receiving paper EOBs in the mail.  The EOB outlines the disposition of your claim, including the amount paid.  With electronic EOBs, you can choose to receive an e-mail notification to the e-mail address designated by you whenever one of your claims is processed.  You may then log into BAM to see the EOB, review 18 months of EOB history, see at-a-glance claim status and print copies for your records, if needed.


Using Blue Access for Members:  You must be registered for BAM to view your electronic EOBs.  In addition to medical claim information, BAM also gives you access to:


Tools to locate network doctors or hospitals in your area, compare hospitals and estimate the cost of medical procedures

Health and wellness-related information and resources through the Personal Health Manager

Your Health Risk Assessment

Blue Points wellness rewards, temporary ID cards, and more


To register, have your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas/TRS-ActiveCare ID card handy and go to the Web site,  Click on the log in link under Blue Access for Members, then select the Register Now button under the link for New User.


If you must receive your EOBs through the mail, you can easily switch back to paper by altering your user preferences in BAM.  Simply log in and go to the User Profile section.  You may also call TRS-ActiveCare customer service at 1-866-355-5999. 



All annuity products are managed by Crider Ins.Co., 
to ensure HISD is in compliance with IRS guidelines.

           Crider Insurance Services
           438 East Bridge Street
           Granbury, TX 76048

To:  All District Employees

Subject:  403(b) Eligibility

As a reminder to all employees you are eligible to participate in a 403(b) or 403(b)(7) tax deferred (TSA) retirement plan.  TSA's are voluntary benefit plans that you may contribute to for retirement purposes without paying taxes on your contribution or the interest that accumulates in the retirement plan.  Taxes will be payable on benefits from the plan once you begin to take a distribution which may be started when you attain age 59 ½, but not later than 70 ½.  If you withdraw money prior to 59 ½, you may be subject to an additional 10% tax penalty. 

If you are currently participating in the District's 403(b) Plan, you may be able to increase your contribution amount or, if your financial circumstances have changed, you may also decrease your contribution amount.  Contact your financial representative or agent for additional information.

An employee who is actively employed by the District may exchange their current vendor company for another approved vendor company.  Only TSA plans that are certified by the Teacher Retirement System of Texas ( qualify for payroll reduction. 

A list of vendor companies currently offering products in the District is available from our Third Party Administrator at, click on forms, then the District.  Additional information to assist you with establishing a 403(b) plan is included on the web site.  Neither the District nor the Third Party Administrator gives tax advice.  Please consult your financial advisor or other tax advisor to determine how participating in a 403(b) may affect your tax status.

You may find additional information regarding 403(b) plans on the IRS website,

The District does not endorse or recommend any company and/or agent. 


Supplemental coverage and Cafeteria Plan benefits are handled by our
Third Party Administrator,  Riata Financial

           Riata Financial Services 
           245 Landa Street
           New Braunfels, Texas 78130  
           1-888-836-5100  fax 830-606-2558    


Group Name: Hondo ISD
Group Number: 323020
Benefit ID Number: 9 digit # assigned to you (not SSN)
Questions/Comments: 1-866-265-0517
To select a provider call or log onto Block's website

Policy and Div. # 010-400303
Questions/Comments: 1-800-659-2223

Questions/Comments: 1-800-521-3535

Questions/Comments: 1-800-283-9233

Account # 020-5466-00
Questions/Comments: contact Riata