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Dr. A`Lann Truelock 830-426-3027
Superintendent of Schools Email Dr. A`Lann Truelock
Rose Mary Mares 830-426-3027
Assistant Superintendent Email Rose Mary Mares
Cynthia Gann 830-426-5902
Director of Special Education Email Cynthia Gann
Stephanie Laughinghouse 830-426-3311
Director of Special Programs Email Stephanie Laughinghouse
Mary Jo Peters 830-426-3311
Director of Technology Email Mary Jo Peters
James Angst 830-426-3341
High School Principal Email James Angst
Sally Arcos 830-426-3341
High School Assistant Principal Email Sally Arcos
Flynt Huey 830-426-3341
High School Assistant Principal Email Flynt Huey
Steve Alvarado 830-426-2261
McDowell Principal Email Steve Alvarado
Edgar Camacho 830-426-2261
McDowell Assistant Principal Email Edgar Camacho
Steve Ayers 830-426-7666
Woolls Principal Email Steve Ayers
Mary Linda Braden 830-426-7666
Woolls Assistant Principal Email Mary Linda Braden
Vanessa Fox 830-426-3161
Meyer Elementary Principal Email Vanessa Fox
Louise Goethe 830-426-3161
Meyer Assistant Principal Email Louise Goethe